Of Water Lilies and Warm Hearts

Poems to Soothe the Soul

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Your book is one perfect piece of divinity that gives me hope, gives all of us hope, that there truly is something utterly perfect within us if we take the time to find it. I’ve been holding it all morning and randomly going from one poem to another and each speaks to me, demonstrates to me, proves to me that divinity can be manifested because it has been manifested in your little book. I see from your book that if we stop and listen to ourselves, we will find complete, undeniable beauty.

Jeanne Mayell
Artist, transcendent therapist

Thank you deeply for your book. What a masterpiece! So many profound words of wisdom, inspiring eye-openers, beautiful images and metaphors ... it is comforting to know that "sometimes doing nothing is the most fruitful task of all" and just "staying present and receptive like a silent sea."

Jan Backelin,
Co-founder of "Banbrytarna" (Groundbreakers in Sweden), musician and artist.


Wow! The book is really beautiful! It clearly and eloquently names the journey of the emerging Self. Family Within for example is so deliciously accurate. The whole thing is delicious.

Greta Bro
Healer. teacher, singer and song writer


“The poem Will You? seems to resonate with our current time of cosmic change and our role in it. I love the powerfully short lines of this poem that speak straight to the heart. Live What You Love has a less formal style bringing such a lovely example of what it is to truly live your life doing what you do with a sense of love” Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel

“I really enjoyed these poems. They were deeply simple yet shared a deepness that really captivated my senses. Uplifting like the beginning of Spring: they brought hope” Ann O’Keife

“Some poems relate to the inner you :one’s inner voice is always right, if one can hear it and follow it life will become so much more worthwhile.  Other poems are saying if you don’t love yourself how can you expect others to love you? Loving yourself without ego is key”  Alan Paine


Review by the Paradigm Shift Magazine Review Panel. (Issue 47)